About Us

About DMC

DMC is a full-service digital marketing agency. DMC is a team of smart creators, fast marketers, and savvy people working together to create amazing results for business owners. We are providing a wide range of services to customers in all industries. Don’t partner with any digital marketing agency, Work with a company you trust.

Our journey

Hassaan Akhtar, CEO and Founder, is a pioneer in the field of digital marketing. He started his career as a businessman. In 2016, he started his business in a small town but did not know how to sell more and grow his business. Hassaan Akhtar accepted the challenge and started doing online courses to learn how to increase sales and grow the business. He learned about the potential effects of digital marketing on accelerating business growth.
Hassaan Akhtar decided to start his own digital marketing company.
Name (UK), joined the company as a business partner.
Now DMC is growing and Establishing new relationships.
The key to our success is to provide our clients with the best results with our friendly communication.

Our Remote Work Culture

We believe that talented people from all over the world can provide the best global services with the freedom to live their best lives.
Business owners have a wide selection of staff when selecting remote workers. Hirers do not have to be local in terms of time zone and they can be anywhere in the world. This provides an excellent opportunity to find staff with specialized skills.
That’s why DMC works remotely so that it can find good talent from all over the world and provide the best results to its clients.
The core professional team of digital marketing is divided into several countries. Our international team enables us to better serve our customers around the world.
Online tools (like ClickUp, Slack, Notion, GitHub, and 15Five, etc …) help us stay connected and keep our team strong. Every member of the team has the freedom to live and work anywhere in the world.

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